Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday Lunches are Back!!!!

Happy, silly kiddos running for the biggest rakes! Lol!
For the five years that Luke, Kyle, Eric, Aiden, and I lived in Monson we would all get together for lunch on Saturdays at my mom and dad’s house (well, except Luke and Chris who were both usually working). Those Saturday lunches were some of the greatest times we all spent as a family and were able to watch Kyle, Eric, Aiden, Haley, and Emily grow up together and become very close cousins! I loved Saturday lunches. Especially with Luke working, it was always something to look forward to. Even on the winter days when we were stuck inside, we had so much fun. As the kids grew and played more independently, Linds and I really looked forward to grown up talk! :) Saturday lunches are just all around a great memory – one of the best.

In fact, we used to get together when I was a little kid at my grandparent’s house, Ba and Bumpy Shorette for Saturday lunches. I’m not sure if it was every Saturday, I’ll have to ask my mom, but I clearly remember sitting at my grandparent’s counter with the family around, even my Dad, who also worked Saturdays! He would stop by to grab a quick sandwich because Ba and Bumpy were on his mail route! :) I remember the sandwiches were so yummy with the Miracle Whip that Ba and Bumpy always had and the unsupervised access to the soda in their basement freezer was really cool! :)

I hope that Kyle, Eric, Aiden, Haley, and Emily will have really great memories about Saturday lunches as I did as a kid and do now as a grown up. The lunches kind of fizzled out when we moved out here to the Berkshires last year but they are back! We are attempting to make so many more trips to Monson and we have revived the Saturday lunch ritual!

Here are some pictures from today’s wonderful afternoon:

Yay, rakes from Pa to make big piles of leaves to jump into...too bad it had to go and rain!

Dad and Ba :)

We miss these girls! Glad Saturday lunches are back....
Have a great weekend everyone! I already can’t wait for next Saturday!

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