Monday, September 5, 2011


If you are anywhere near our family lately, these are the words you will hear coming out of my mouth most frequently and often at a high pitched squeal. These words are directed at Eric. Our wonderful, creative, darling Eric who has a concussion after getting smashed in the face with a baseball at a game last week. At first the doctor thought it was not a concussion and just a fat lip, but symptoms to follow, dizziness, bad headaches, queasiness, and vertigo led to the diagnosis of a concussion. Along with this came the rules: No running, No jumping, No moving around fast, No recess, No gym. Eric kept a brave face in the dr office and said he agreed to these rules, we accepted the dr’s note stating these rules that had to be given to the school, but poor Eric let the tears fall when we got to the car. “No gym! Mom, gym is my favorite. I won’t go to school if I can’t play in gym!!!” And the fun began…..

A few hours after Eric's facial encounter with the baseball
The first few days were the worst for Eric. He had some pretty bad headaches that made him sick to his stomach and glued to the couch. After about 3 days he started to feel better and he was suddenly a child possessed by the energy monster…we could not keep him still. Even though it was highly recommended by the doctor. Then on day 4 after the incident, he got another headache and back to the dr we went. After an x-ray to confirm no broken bones, we were told to keep him still for at least a week, then to do a trial run day of letting him be normal. If the headache returns, we are to return to the office. PLEASE, don’t let the headache return! Only 2 more days until he can run free and we can watch and hope for no headache! His worry about missing gym and recess did not last long as he suddenly became somewhat center of attention and attended to very carefully by his wonderful teacher! The school week was a breeze and I am finally starting to relax a little about it. A little. Only a little! :)

Here are a few more pictures of Eric – mostly with our cat, Rex, who was great comfort to Eric when he wasn’t feeling so great.

Eric and Rex, just relaxing

Starting to feel better but still stuck on the couch....with Rex!

I can’t wait for the end of the weekend and to see Eric running and playing and to not have to yell out, “No running, Eric!”

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