Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Vacation Part One


Well, I think I published my last post before I was really done. I guess it will take some time to get used to the format of this whole blogging thing.

Anyway, August was awesome! The boys spent so much time with the Corbett’s while Missy watched all the kids and I worked at Tune Street. I don’t have many pictures of the fun times they spent together but I do have some of the garden that we all started in June and worked on together throughout the summer.

This was taken in August before the sunflowers began to bloom! We planted so many veggies and were able to harvest many tomatoes, zuchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, basil, corn, green peppers, hot peppers, butternut squash, and lettuce! It was so much fun to watch our garden grow. We’ll definitely do another one next summer and now we know much more about what grows best and that we should put plastic down to prevent so many weeds!!! :)

The boys had a blast the week of August 15th when they were able to spend some time with Luke’s parents, Joanne and Marc, at their home on the Cape in Brewster. They had SO much fun!!!! Luke and I missed them like crazy but also enjoyed the rare peace and quiet!

It really just seemed like the fun never ended for the boys this summer. They spent so much time with their friends, enjoyed the warm weather, loved trips to the lake, saw a Red Sox game and a few Colonials games and enjoyed every moment we spent with our family and friends.

We really had such a fun summer this year and as I sit here writing and it’s raining and Eric is laying on the couch, with a puffy face after getting smashed in the face with a baseball at his game last night, I truly wish we were back in July or August. Anyone who knows me real well, will not believe I revealed such words. The last 2 weeks have been very long. But we’ll get to that later. For now, let me finish writing about the rest of our summer, as promised in my last post.
One of the highlights of the summer was the weekend of July 22, 23, and 24th when my family came to spend the weekend. Mom and Dad arrived on Friday, July 22 and we spent the day shopping at Tom’s Toy’s in downtown GB. Eric and Aiden were using the gift cards that Grammy and Pa had given them to Tom’s Toys! It was very exciting for the boys to show my parents around. :) We all had a great time, despite the 100 degree weather we were having! The hottest weekend of the summer and we had a houseful. This prompted us to buy a few extra air conditoners to make the family comfortable and cool!
Lindsey and the girls arrived on Friday evening. The kids quickly realized that their favorite way to stay cool was to go to the lake! I think over the 48 hrs that my family was there, we made about 6 trips to the lake…..and that was not enough if you ask Kyle, Eric, Aiden, Haley and Emily! They had so much fun and I got some great pics!

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