Monday, March 26, 2012

Y-O-D-A .....YODA! yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, YODA!

Eric has fallen in love with a Weird Al song about Yoda and this is the boys version of the song with Eric enthusiastically playing drums and singing, Aiden just chilling with the bass, and Kyle trying not to be embarrassed.  Mom, Luke and I were the captivated audience.....

Our weekend was wonderful and included a surprise visit from Mom.  I was laying in bed with a migraine thinking I wish Mom were here, I need a hug from Mom and within minutes Luke opened the bedroom door and said in astonishment, "you're mom just pulled in! did you know she was coming?"  I didn't and I started bawling like a baby and Mom and I hugged and cried and I felt that teensy bit better because my Mom was there!  :)  Apparently, the boys knew that she was coming but they kept it a secret from Luke and I.  Very impressed boys....

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  1. And you wonder where your migraines come from?! Just kidding! That was adorable!! Got some real talent on your hands!