Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let's Get This Started....

Finally, I am blogging! I've tried a few times with no success. Now I'm determined to get this started.

2011 is here and January is almost over. The month has flown by and it has had a single theme: snow! I'm not exaggerating when I say it snows every day. Even if just for a few minutes, we see some snowflakes falling every day! I am surprised at how much it doesn't bother me. I've always loved snow and winter even though I hate being cold and I'm not a fan of winter sports. Winter is simply beautiful and every time is snows I still feel that anticipation of a child crossing his fingers for a snow day. Snow days are still thrilling although not always convenient! I must admit this tolerance of winter has been influenced by the boys being able to put their own gear on. We are working on hockey skates. They don't come and go as easy as the other 3 seasons however the boys manage to get themselves outside to play or skate every day without much effort on my part! I have a garage for my van, warm boots, and 4 boys who love to play in the snow and take care of snow clean up, leaving me to enjoy the beauty of the season from my toasty warm house!

Speaking of the boys, Kyle, Eric, and Aiden are also enjoying winter and keeping very busy! Two weeks ago, Kyle played his tenor sax in his first band concert at school. He did such a great job. We were very proud and we're all looking forward to his spring concert. In the past week, both Aiden and Eric have had their music concerts at school. Aiden sang a great group of songs with the K and 1st grade chorus while Eric played his viola and sang with the 3rd/4th grade chorus! It was so much fun to watch them and not only are we proud of our boys, but also of the music programs at the elementary and middle schools!

We've had more than music to keep us busy. Kyle has been playing hockey up in Pittsfield at the Boys and Girls Club since November. He is playing on a house league so there is no traveling to far off "hockey lands" yet. He does seem to really like it though so that means next year we may be a real hockey family traveling all over the place! For now, he practices every Saturday morning at 8 and Sunday at 6 and plays in a game every Monday at

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