Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer Vacation Part One and Two! :)

I guess I will start by giving an update on our summer, which is sadly over! The boys started school on September 1st but it just doesn’t feel like fall yet! A few more weeks of summer left! Kyle started 6th grade this year. It’s impossible to believe that he is so grown up. He still seems like my baby, but it’s obvious that he isn’t…….

Not too thrilled to be having his photo taken at 7 am! :)

Eric started 4th grade and I just can’t stop thinking that he too will be at the middle school next year! We will hang onto every moment of his last year of elementary school! Aiden started 1st grade and was definitely the most eager of the three to start school in general. Can you tell by his grin?

All smiles!

I guess he's trying to be cool, with only a smirk for me!

School is great. They love their teachers and have friends to catch up with after a really fun summer!

Speaking of summer, let’s see if I can do a quick recap:

The boys had their last days of 5th, 3rd, and Kindergarten on July 21 and by the 24th, we were off on our first outing of the summer: a long weekend at the Cape to visit Luke’s parents in Brewster. It was a great weekend, a very relaxing weekend, with Marc and Joanne, Paul, Alex, Tyler, and Kaylee, and Katie and Will! The boys took bike rides with Papa, we all spent some lazy afternoons at the lake watching the kids swim and build sandcastles. We bbq’d and played croquet. Overall, it was a great start to the summer vacation!

I think we all had fun at the lake!!! Tyler and Aiden building a sandcastle!
The boys (and I) were so lucky that my friend, Missy, agreed to watch Kyle, Eric, and Aiden 2-3 times a week throughout the summer while I worked. Missy came down every week with Isabella, Isaac, and Ian to hang out with the kids and they had a blast. Now that summer is over, they miss each other terribly! It’s a good thing we only live 25 minutes from them!
The last day of summer with the Corbett’s! :( The boys also spent two weeks at Camp Eden Hill at the Berkshire Country Day School. They had so much fun and are begging to go back for 3 or 4 weeks next summer. Sounds like a plan since Missy will be a little bit busier with their newest addition the family, arriving around Thanksgiving time – a daughter! :)

Of course we celebrated many birthdays this summer since our entire family seems to have been born between June and August! We started out with Luke and Haley on June 17th. Mom and Isabella were celebrated on June 18th!
This year the boys wanted sleepover birthday parties. We started with Eric’s. On July 19th, Eric had a sleepover bday party with a few close friends and had so much fun and slept very little! :)

Eric turns 9!

Very soon after, on July 29th, Aiden had a fun birthday party during the day (no sleepover this time) with a bunch of friends, some water balloons, cake, presents, and a treasure hunt!

Aiden turns 7!

Kyle couldn’t wait until his birthday (aug 25) for a party so we started things a little early. On August 5th, Luke took Kyle and Aiden and Kyle’s friend Jared to watch the Colonials in Pittsfield, followed by a sleepover at our house much later!

I’m not staying in chronological order here, but that’s okay! We had a fun Tune Street picnic here at the end of July to say good bye to one of our employees, Robert, who left with his family to move to Texas. Once again, the kids had fun with the water slide and some water balloons. Water balloons are always a hit in the summer!

the kids having a blast at the Tune Street Picnic

Okay, let’s call this summer part 1 and I will update with summer part 2 soon!

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